Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dear Dr. Betrayal

Jeanette's response to the letter from the hospital that enabled a gynecologist to forever change   her life.                                             

                  She did not and will not keep quiet. 

Dear Dr Betrayal

I was asked to share with everybody the meaningful impact your selfproclaimed heroes have had on my life. 

Along with this letter they've also asked me to a identify the Doctor who has made a difference in my life and pay tribute to him. I would like everyone to know that the doctor who changed my life was Dr. Betrayal. I would like to pay tribute to his deceitfulness, because without it and his untruths I never would have lost my uterus. Luckily for me I have constant pain all day and night to remind me that it was Dr. Betrayal who made the difference in my life. It's the look of inconvenience in his face that brought me solace on those painful sleepless nights, thank you doctor. He has deflecting down to a science, and has made it an art form. His ability to diagnose a problem with absolutely no test and without putting his hands even on your body is amazing. He was able to tell me I had (IC)Interstitial Cystitis and that it was causing me my pain. Of course he had to be right. What else could it be? It couldn't be that he ripped out my uterus when all he was supposed to do was remove a fibroid. Or could it? I almost forgot I was asked to make a donation but I don't need to Dr. Betrayal told me that by stealing my uterus he was able to put his kid through college. I would like to take this time to say you're welcome, think of me as your personal lab rat and my mutilated body your creation. I would like to add that Betrayal’stechniques and bed side manner are reminiscent of the Josef Mengele school of medicine.



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