Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fibroids: you never need a hysterectomy for fibroids

Fibroids are benign growths of muscle and connective tissue that grow until you reach menopause. Then they slowly and gradually shrink to a negligible size, at which time they will be small and calcified.

The average size of the uterus including fibroids in the late thirties to early forties is a ten to twelve week pregnancy size (about 13cm in the largest dimension), in the middle forties fourteen to sixteen weeks is average (about 17cm in the largest dimension), and in the late forties to early fifties eighteen to twenty weeks is average (about 21cm in the largest dimension).

Fibroids have two rapid growth spurts that are natural, predictable, and not a cause for alarm. The first rapid growth spurt is in the late thirties to early forties. Then you have a few years of slower growth. Right before you go through menopause, when you have the hormone changes associated with the beginning of menopause, you have the second and last rapid growth spurt. Then the fibroids slowly and gradually shrink to a negligible size.

You develop all of the new fibroids you are going to have in your 30's you do not develop new fibroids in your 40's.

Both estrogens and progesterone stimulate fibroid growth. Many women use the so called "natural" progesterone yam cream that promoters claim shrinks fibroids, but in fact it makes them grow.

Fibroids are not a disease, they are your genetic blueprint. If you can live with the symptoms it would probably be better than unnecessary intervention of any kind. If you cannot live with the symptoms a myomectomy is a reasonable option.

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At September 10, 2007 at 7:09 AM , Blogger Gracie said...

After having my hysterectomy for a pea-sized fibroid and going through hell all these years, the doctors wanted to do a hysterectomy on my baby sister three years ago for a fibroid. I absolutely said no hysterectomy to my sister. She wanted me to go to the doctor with her so I did. I sat like a quiet mouse in the corner until he got to the part of the only thing we can do is a total hysterectomy. My mouth opened wide and I said in other words you are going to remove her healthy uterus and ovaries for a pea-sized fibroid. His answer was yes. I said no you are not! My sister couldn't believe what he was saying. As we were leaving I throw some Hers information on his desk and when I looked by he had thrown it on the floor. This is our doctors who are suppose to be caring and have respect for women!!! I told her to stop the dairy products, exercise and don't let anyone touch her sexual organs. Had I not had the surgery, she would be without her very important organs. BE CAREFUL AND GET INFORMED AND SPEAK OUT AGAINST THIS ABUSIVE AND UNNECESSARY SURGERY FOR FIBROIDS.

At September 11, 2007 at 10:16 PM , Anonymous Mattie said...

Gracie, it is very telling that the doctor threw the HERS Foundation materials on the floor (Hide the truth, trick the patient)
I am sure that is what the mentally ill surgeon who tricked me meant when he said "You could have looked it up."
I am so very glad you saved your sister with the correct information. Unfortunately, many women are scheduled for a hysterectomy this week, that do not use the internet as an information tool, and believe they are getting the correct information from the doctors office.

At October 7, 2010 at 8:54 AM , Anonymous Kevin said...

Almost all common gynecological problems are often experienced by women of any age. It's good that sites like this gives essential information and gives possible treatments so that it won't lead to much serious complications.

At December 3, 2010 at 6:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank goodness that I found this website. Yesterday my gynocologist said that I should have a hysterectomy because of a 4.3 cm fibroid that has not given me any symptoms to date. Thankfully, I refused as I wanted to do more research before agreeing to such drastic surgery for a fibroid that I didn't even know I had until last week during a routine scan. I will wait and watch and see if the fibroid starts growing and giving me symptoms before deciding on the next step. This website has been a great source of inforation.

At April 4, 2012 at 6:56 PM , Blogger Rebekah said...

A week before graduating from college (22 years old) I found out I had a fibroid 10x13x15cm in dimension... I had a successful myomectomy and am able to have children at 25... if you do not feel comfortable with what your doctor is telling you... find a doctor you are comfortable with. Fibroids can be removed in many circumstances through myomectomys!


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